LSM Beginners' Writers' School

The Liberty Savard Beginners� Writers� School was a wonderful success!
All of the students and instructors alike were excited about a repeat school in September 2008 (we are planning one right now � two days for Level I new students and two days for Level II for those who wish to go on to a deeper level of learning). Students came from Singapore and from Australia, as well as North Carolina and up and down all of California. Each session was recorded and we have some great writing book offers for you that go with the 16 CD sessions of the entire school (see below). The professional speakers were excellent and mingled freely with the students to encourage, mentor, and answer questions. Below are speakers� testimonials and some students� testimonials as well as pictures.

Speakers� and Students� Testimonials

SPEAKER Nancy Rue (award winning author and teacher)
This is an event unlike other writing conference being done because it is purely for the beginning writer � that person who feels called to the pen but doesn�t know where to begin. In a non-threatening, flexible, yet professional environment, Liberty Savard immerses students in an in-depth overview of the writing basics, using seasoned authors and publishing professionals who are accessible as well as knowledgeable. My experience on the staff of the first L.S. Writing School was rewarding as I watched students relax without the pressures of agents and publishers they aren�t ready for and absorb what they needed in order to focus solely on their craft. Bravo to Liberty Savard! I hope she continues to offer this program for years to come.

SPEAKER Jesse Florea (award-winning editor and author)
As a speaker at Liberty Savard�s first writing school, I was impressed by the uniqueness and personal touch of the event. Unlike most writers� conferences which target the more experienced writer and offer numerous class choices at the same time while separating the faculty from the attendees, Liberty�s event stayed focused on informing and building up not-yet-published writers. To that end, all the guess-work was taken out as one class was offered at a time. In addition, the faculty interacted more often with the attendees and even took part in conference �homework�! An atmosphere of acceptance and helpfulness was created as conferees learned the nuts-and-bolts of writing and got an insider scoop of Christian publishing.

STUDENT Phyllis Seminoff
The 2007 Liberty Savard Beginning Writers� School was certainly the next step I needed on my way to being published. The author teachers were wonderful! The information they gave from their own experience, the vast amount of writing tips, the personal time offered, the gift books that provided examples, and the helpful frank critique given my manuscript has been inspirational and brought me to a new level in my writing. Thank you for your leadership in bringing this school to Sacramento, Liberty.

STUDENT Pastor Diane Gardner
Great, great school! I am so glad I went. The school was inspiring and informative, taking the mystery out of writing and getting published for beginners like me. Now I�m fired up and ready to write for the Lord.

STUDENT Susan McCrea
Life- changing! That would be a too mild description of what happened to me at Liberty�s Beginning Writers� School. Knocked out by a heavy case of �writer�s block,� with only occasional bursts of writing, I was petered out like a falling star. Finding time to write in my very busy schedule of teaching, counseling, babysitting my precious grandchildren, and being a wife and mother and friend seemed impossible. Liberty informed us during her inspiring talks, setting the stage for the conference, that anyone who complained about not having enough time to write would be fined $5! After Liberty�s opening session, I decided to ask God how I could do this (why hadn�t I asked Him before?). He showed me hidden pockets of time that I had never seen before in my day! During the 3 � days of the school, we attended every workshop from writing fiction to non-fiction to writing for children, teens, and adults. Liberty had only the best instructors for us and by the end of the school, I was inspired to write every kind of writing! On the second day of classes, we were given 15-minute personal sessions with any of the three speakers we chose. Awesome! I feel energized and propelled by the constructive comments from these writing mentors. I highly recommend this school! Thanks, Liberty, for forging a path for us beginners! I hope to see you September, 2008,for your next school, Level 1 and 2!

STUDENT Pastor Tony McGhee
This writing school was a reminder of the importance and purpose of writing. The instructors were all a great source of inspiration. This school challenged me to get on with writing that God has placed on my heart.

STUDENT Pastor Robert Thomas (Winner of the Manuscript Proposal Submission Contest!)
If you are in need of honest and realistic encouragement and motivation, as a beginning writer, the Liberty Savard's Writing School is a mandatory stepping stone of inspiration. If you are seriously ready to focus and concentrate on your craft, and finally turn the page from thinking about being published to getting published, this writing school is a place where dreams begin to become reality. The opportunity to establish face-to-face relationships with the speakers is priceless. As iron sharpens iron, you can be critiqued by some of the most prolific, award-winning, and prestigious publishers, editors, and writers in the land. If you come with a receptive heart, you will undoubtedly walk away with "fire in your belly."

STUDENT Chrystal Little
Wow, I honestly felt like a baby eagle being coaxed out of it's comfortable little nest! The writing exercises were fun, challenging and made me realize that I need to accept and appreciate the gift God has given me; I need to be creative and write! All teachers were all 5-star and took a lot of personal time with us. Can't wait to go again next year, THANKS LIBERTY!


Instructors Jesse Florea, Liberty Savard, Lisa Crayton and Nancy Rue
Lisa Crayton, Cheryl Weeks, Nancy Rue, Pastor Diane Gardner LSM Australian Ministry Director Cheryl Weeks with Speaker Nancy Rue
Jesse Florea and Manuscript Proposal winner, Pastor Robert Thomas Speaker Lisa Crayton and Pastor Diane Gardner Speaker Lisa Crayton with Audrey ChianG and Pastor David Lee from Singapore
Pastor Tony McGhee Writing Student Student Nancy and Teacher Nancy  

CDS of Liberty Savard's Beginning Writers' School Sessions
Individual CDs $8 each. Entire set of 16 BEGINNING WRITERS� SCHOOL SESSION is $100

#BW1CD Session 1 - Liberty Savard � Digging Wells! $8.00
#BW2CD Session 2 - Nancy Rue � Beginners� Writing Clinic #1 $8.00
#BW3CD Session 3 - Liberty Savard � Research, Inspiration, Writing Exercises $8.00
#BW4CD Session 4 - Nancy Rue � Beginners� Writing Clinic #2 and Questions $8.00
#BW5CD Session 5 � Liberty, Lisa, and Nancy � Questions and Answers $8.00
#BW6CD Session 6 - Lisa Crayton � Writing Clinic for Beginners $8.00
#BW7CD Session 7 - Jesse Florea � Beginners/ Emphasis on Men�s Perspective $8.00
#BW8CD Session 8 - Lisa Crayton � Beginners/Emphasis on Women�s Perspective $8.00
#BW9CD Session 9 � Liberty, Nancy, Lisa, and Jesse � All-Speaker Panel $8.00
#BW10CD Session 10 - Nancy Rue � Adult Fiction $8.00
#BW11CD Session 11 - Jesse Florea � Writing for Magazines $8.00
#BW12CD Session 12 - Jesse Florea � Writing for Men and Boys (children to teens) $8.00
#BW13CD Session 13 - Lisa Crayton � Adult Non-Fiction $8.00
#BW14CD Session 14 - Nancy Rue � Children�s Fiction with Emphasis on how to Serialize $8.00
#BW15CD Session 15 - Nancy Rue � Teen Fiction with Emphasis on Historical Novels $8.00
#BW16CD Session 16 - Lisa Crayton � Teen Non-Fiction, Recap, and Q&A $8.00
#BW16SETCD Complete 16 Session Set $100.00

Special Writing Book Discounts Available with Writing School CD Purchases!
There were a few great writing books left from our book table which we want to make available to you (until we run out of them) at different levels of discounts to those of you who will be ordering Writing School Session CDs. Liberty Savard and the other teachers highly recommend all of these books. There are only (1 )or (2) left of some of them, so don�t delay in ordering.

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#CWBN Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook � Donald Maass $20 retail
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#CWWW Writers on Writing � Jerry Jenkins, Sally Stuart, and others $16 retail
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