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What a blessing you all are! Thank you so much for all you have given to LSM, the finances, the prayers, the love, the phone calls of encouragement. You will never know how much these precious acts of mercy and kindness mean to all of us as we keep reaching out to those who are hurting. We have just sent out our year end newsletter, so look for it. Please continue to pray for all of the staff of LSM. We are all being buffeted soundly, but I recently received an encouraging word from a prayer partner in South Africa. He knew nothing in the natural of the struggle we have all been in for the last few months. The prophetic word said, "These hard things you have been going through have been ordained of God for the tearing down of strongholds." I almost always can buck up and keep going through hard stuff when I feel that there is something good going to come out of it. If this is training, then we're going to study and do our homework as best we can. 2002 is going to be a very big year. I feel that 2002 it will be a year of extremes. If you are growing and getting stronger, you will grow even more and have greater victories. If you are discouraged and thinking negatively with much doubting, it will be a hard year. 

Thank God for the Keys of the Kingdom. They are more than enough to move us from the camp of the fearful and doubting into the CAMP OF THE OVERCOMERS! God bless you and stay in touch, please. Liberty Savard

Merry Christmas 2000 and Happy New Year 2001 from Liberty!
How exciting it is to be facing a new year with an exciting new schedule, with a powerful new mandate from God, and with a new burst of enthusiastic gratitude that He has allowed and is still allowing me to continue in His Kingdom work! The new mandate from God is to focus heavily on training more teachers to teach this Keys of the Kingdom Message. I did not realize how thrilling it was going to be to go through our first LSM Training Center Teachers' Certification Training Seminar last September. We had nearly 40 students who were trained and tested and tried within an inch of their souls' lives! Once all of the teaching was completed, and the 5 hours of written testing began, I sat in the front of the training room and wept. I was so overwhelmed as I looked at the intense faces of these students, poring over their Keys of the Kingdom trilogy books and their Bibles and writing, writing, writing-they were so determined to fully express their understanding of the Keys of the Kingdom message. This was the "first wave" of Keys of the Kingdom student teachers-Baby Eagle Teachers who will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Using these prayer principles is a very powerful way to get free to be all you were created to be in God's Kingdom purposes for your life. Teaching these prayer principles opens up an incredible new understanding of effective prayer and its purpose on earth as in heaven. Teaching these prayer principles opens up the Word and brings clarity to verses that have never seemed applicable to your life. Teaching these prayer principles opens up a steady stream of new revelation that causes you to view others and everything happening around you in a new light. I often inscribe in the front of the books I autograph: READ THIS-USE IT-SHARE IT! This is how you will know the fulness of Jesus' giving of the Keys in Matthew 16:19. Don't restrict your destiny blessings because others have told you that you can't be more than you already are. God has said that He has plans for you, and they are good and not evil. These divine plans are to prosper you and give you hope and a good future. Ask Him how much He wants you to do with the understanding you have and the understanding He will begin to expand the minute you step out to share it. Tell Him that you are determined to believe you are a special and unique creation of God Almight himself-destined to make a difference in the unfolding of human history as we know it-and beyond!

I feel that so much of the future scheduling of LSM teaching and traveling will be geared towards training teachers to teach this message. I am looking forward to writing more new books as well, with the four mini-books coming out in January 2001 being just the beginning! I am praying and wishing for all of you that you would know the fullness of how much He loves you, who you are in Christ, and that you would fully discover your destiny purposes in the Kingdom for these last days. Happy New Year and may God's richest blessings be yours! Liberty

LSM TEAM Report from United Kingdom Tour
November, 2000

Here we are, Liberty, Evelyn, and Marian, back home in our own country, and happy to be here. God bless America! We had over four blessed weeks in the United Kingdom, accumulating experiences and memories that are priceless. But it is always sooooo good to come home.

On November 2nd, we landed at Heathrow Airport in London after an 11 hour flight. After the usual large airport delays, we then flew to Edinburgh Scotland where we were met by Stephen and Christine Blakey, our Scotland hosts. After hellos and tea, we were strundled off to a wonderful bed and breakfast nearby. The first retreat I did with the Blakeys was in a wonderful old, castle-like mansion called the Gartmore House, near Aberfoyle. It was there that I confessed to some of the Scottish people that I had been worried about whether or not they would accept me. They admitted they had been worried about the same thing, after what they had seen of Americans on television. Then one lady gave me a wonderful compliment, saying, "But you are just so un-American, you're really like us!" I felt like Paul when he said that when in Rome, he was as a Roman! I learned some new words there, such as "boofy." When I asked what a boofy was, a man said, "Well, what do you call it in America when the food is all laid out on a table and you get to choose what you want to eat?" I also learned that gammon, neeps, and taties were considered fine breakfast fare.

We met up with some Highland Cattle near Gartmore, great shaggy reddish-blond "cows" with long, curly bangs covering their eyes. Too cute! We ate in a Scottish country pub, toured St. Andrews, and devoured warm lemon scones with strawberry jam and double cream (double YUM), before the next series of meetings in an Edinburgh hotel. After an all day conference at Glen Rothes with the Blakeys, we left Edinburgh to travel up to NE Scotland. Stephen and Christine Blakey joined us there later. Stephen Blakey of Scottish Renewal Ministries, 17a Blacket Place, Edinburgh Scotland EH9 1RJ, has become our European distributor for selected LSM tapes and charts.

Cameron Laing drove us up to NE Scotland, a sightseeing event that absolutely defies description. You just have to see this part of the country to believe it. There, Sasha Laing (Cameron's wife) had done an excellent job of organizing three church meetings-one each in Ellon, Peterhead, and Fraserburgh. Peterhead is a major fishing port on the North Sea. We genuinely enjoyed the wonderful people of Scotland. However, we did get a little weary of hearing everywhere we went, "Aye, and ya have no president yet, d'ya know!" We spent many prayer times praying for the leadership of our own country as we stood on soil far from home. It was interesting to hear all of the Scottish and British "ideas" on America's politics.

After flying down to Newcastle England, we stayed at the wonderful, three-story country home of Randy (an Anglican priest) and Dorothy Vickers, two delightful new friends. Dorothy felt we three Americans were quite funny in our morning pre-breakfast funks. There I enjoyed Nunchy Cruts, clotted cream, and their extremely creative toaster which threw toast nearly two feet out of the toaster, asif it were in an Olympic tryout! Once, upon being laughed at for my "English" by three "proper Englishmen," I chided them that anyone who ate "bubble and squeak" and "singing hinnies" had no place correcting my English, thank you very much. I spoke twice for the Vickers at their Northumbrian Healing Centre of Prayer and then at their annual conference at Minsteracres, an old stone mansion which has been turned into a very large Catholic retreat center. There I met a dear Irish nun named Sister Dympna and several of the priests (English, Irish, and Swedish), and was honored to share their private Sunday night celebration supper with them after the retreat had ended.

Randy drove the three of us out into the countryside where we had a great pub lunch in the crypt of an old mansion, now a hotel called the Lord Crewes Arms. We also went to the unbelievably huge and awesome Durham Cathedral, which is a thousand years old. Americans truly do not have a concept of "history" such as the English and the Scottish do.

Robert and Alice Ward, our next hosts, took us to eat in an authentic English countryside pub, and then on to view the great Hexham Abbey, a magnificent old church in Hexham. They arranged an all-day leadership seminar where Robert called leaders to pray for us and our country, asking us to forgive the English for their wrong attitudes towards Americans. It was a time of many tears, and much strengthening of our mutual family ties in God. A two-day seminar followed at the Bethshan Christian Centre after a television interview on the God Channel with Wendy Alleck. We are discussing having this station (shown in 58 countries throughout Europe and the Mid East) airing my 30 half-hour television programs on Breaking the Power.

Andy Toman, my designer from Bridge-Logos Publishing, joined us in Newcastle (sent from Florida by Guy Morrell of Bridge-Logos) to be our guide around London. Andy was a walking miracle of God's protection from the minute he drove out of the Manchester England airport to meet up with us. A truck going the opposite direction lost a large scaffolding pipe which bounced end over end across the median center and crashed through the windshield of Andy's van. It sailed past his head and exited out through the rear window of the van. We spent heartfelt time giving God glory for His protection and love.

Andy drove the LSM team down through England to London, where we spent a hilarious couple of hours trying to find our hotel. Andy is somewhat directionally impaired, and I as his co-pilot have always been geographically impaired. We managed, between the two of us and the 15 people we stopped to ask directions from, to somehow find our hotel. Londoners do not give the most explicit of directions, we found out. No street names, it is always to just go down to the second light, turn at the roundabout and then go a little ways until you see the park and go half around it and up the hill-can't miss it, mate. Somehow, we always "missed it."

Roundabouts, if you have not experienced them, would be hard to explain without physically going around one. I never did get the logic of them, but they do seem to work. Everyone just sort of "pours" into this circular road from all directions and you all go around and around together until you get a chance to dive off, I mean "drive off," on the side road you want.

We had a great time taking a tour bus (genuine double-decker, open air!) all over London to view Trafalgar Square, the Marble Arch, Buckingham Palace, the Tower Bridge, Carnaby Street, and so more, getting off to eat what Andy (a true Brit) called "pub grub." We loved it. We even "shopped" in the famous Harrods Department Store-well, actually we just looked. In a future book, I will describe the remarkable story of "Andy, a waterproof angel, and the car key in the toilet bowl" story that almost stranded us in London!

We drove an hour south to Croyden where I had a final speaking engagement at Folly's End Church. Again, the directionally-impaired duo, Andy and Liberty, landed us in parts of London the Londoners don't even know about. Finally, we wound up in Croyden where we had a marvelous Greek lunch with a friendly host who said, "Just call me Jimmy the Greek. Ask anyone, everyone knows Jimmy the Greek!" The meeting that night was wonderful, with a large group of young people in the audience who were fascinated with the concepts of the binding and loosing principles.

Our last full day in England, we drove into the country and met my UK book distributor and his wife, Ed and Elizabeth Harding. We toured the newest Christ For All Nations center, a very old, very huge stone building that used to be a poor house. Ed and Elizabeth took us to lunch in an authentic English village Tea Shoppe, where we had tea, asparagus quiche, and pumpkin pie (an unusual double-crust pie with cut up slices of pumpkin). Then Andy and Ed walked out a muddy old road with me at nearly dusk where we prowled around the ruins of Canterbury Castle. What an unbelievable experience, looking up at the roofless walls of this beautiful old castle, viewing a standing stone staircase still curving upwards. I stood and contemplated the thoughts, the hopes, and the fears of those who had traversed those stairs hundreds of years ago. Did they have a relationship with God? Did they know Jesus Christ? Whose hand held their hearts when the enemy attacked and began to destroy their castle?

That night, we returned to Croyden where Andy took us to our final dinner together at a Spanish restaurant. No tacos and burritos here! We had magnificent seafood dinners with multiple courses. The next morning, we drove to Heathrow Airport and seven hours later (after the usual delays and all) we lifted off the ground and headed home for America!

I have been invited back to Scotland in August and to England in October of 2001, where I plan on spending about two weeks each trip. It was a wonderful experience and we're so grateful to everyone who made it such a pleasant and rewarding experience. I am especially grateful to a great God who gave us this honor and privilege of serving Him in the UK.

Book Reviews from
(US & UK websites)

Customer Comments on Shattering Your Strongholds

5 out of 5 stars Bimpe Temowo ( from England, UK , 27 November, 2000
Life changing, real life application book
I first read this book while on holiday and could not put it down. Halfway through, I decided to buy 4 more copies for friends and family. The bookd has totally changed the way I perceive Matthew 16:19 and I am now reading it a second time together with the workbook. My prayer life has changed in terms of loosing the strongholds in my life. Letting go of some of my strongholds has been painful but binding myself to God means the truth of his word can finally begin to heal me. I would recommend that every bible believing christian should read this book. It will definitely change your life and your perspective of life.

5 of 5 stars God changed my life through this book., January 1, 2000
Reviewer: A reader from Houston, Texas

I must say that besides the Bible, this has got to be the most powerful book I have ever read. I could sense the heavy anointing on the book by page 9 as I sat and wept. I knew God had nailed me. When He first told me I had strongholds, I didn't really understand what a stronghold was. I thought that it was some evil power that lurked over a city but God showed me differently through this book. He taught me all about mind sets and the scripture really came to life for me, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Plain and simple. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who is seriously pursuing a relationship with God. This book demands change in your life and is not for the carnal christian. Thank you for reading my review and may God bless you as He has me. In Christ!

5 of 5 stars A greater depth of understanding - a greater freedom!, August 10, 1999
Reviewer: Peggy ( from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Through the experiences and knowledge given to Rev. Savard, this book can produce a freedom and liberty within each of us to live victorious in Jesus Christ! Through God's wisdom and the principles within this book, I came to realize that we can receive God's healing of past hurts and offenses and yet not have complete freedom - for the hidden strongholds remain erected in our lives. Gaining the knowledge to either pray them down or scale their walls comes from understanding how and why they became a part of our spiritual life - "Shattering Your Strongholds" does just that! Experiencing this book has been life changing for me - I have experienced a renewal and a revival - once again I can walk in the fullness of God's authority because the enemy has been exposed!

5 of 5 stars A must read book for every prayer warrior, April 23, 1999
Reviewer: A reader from Daytona Beach, Florida

This book has literally changed my prayer life and has changed the people I've been praying for. I have always known about binding the enemy but never realized we are to bind ourself to God's will, his mind, the blood of Jesus, the power of the cross, and the path of righteousness. I now realize we can pray to loose our wrong beliefs and thinking and ask God to remove the strongholds in our life that have caused them. This book will give you the format to activate this in your life.

5 of 5 stars Powerful -- supplies a missing link for full freedom!, April 21, 1999
Reviewer: A reader from Round Rock, TX, USA

This is one of the most life-changing, powerful books I have read in a long time. It has changed my life and has changed the way I pray for others. I highly commend it to any one desiring to be totally free from hang-ups and from ungodly, undesirable habits. For me, it was a missing link for some of the apparent unanswered prayers... they were really incomplete prayers, because I did not have this knowledge of how to powerfully commit people and their needs to God and to the power of the resurrection in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is powerful! Things will happen in your life and in the lives of those for whom you pray. I am eternally grateful for the insight that this book has to offer.

5 of 5 starsThis book went to the heart of deep Christian matters., December 4, 1998
Reviewer: (see more about me) from United States

My heart and spirit were revived through this powerful revelation of what power God has placed within us. The training wheels prayers were awesome and brought me into another realm and way of praying.

5 of 5 stars This book is a must for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, September 21, 1998
Reviewer: from Peru, In.

This is an incredible step to freedom. The depth of understanding you receive on binding and loosing alone is worth the read. I have been doing classes on this book and it is truly changing lives. We all need to face the past and get over it! Traumatic facts from our pasts cannot be "changed," they exist. Unresolved trauma creates unhealed hurts, unresolved issues, and unmet need deep within our souls. These hurts and issues become "sources" of fuel for feelings of pain, fear, distrust, anger and wrong desires. To survive we all learn behaviors that temporarily pacify and take the edge off the pain. The key to overcoming all this is to dismantle the core structure of our soul's power and control that has been blocking out the healing work of the Holy Spirit. Then God's mercy and grace can get to the sources" and heal them. This book will help you understand how to work with God to receive your healing and wholeness.

5 of 5 stars Life changing., August 22, 1998
Reviewer: (see more about me) from Texas

This book is changing lives around us simply because we are applying the principals of binding and loosing stated in this excellent treatise of spiritual warfare. Liberty Savard's "training wheels" prayer is worth the price and more!

Customer Comments on Breaking the Power

4 of 5 stars POWER!, June 16, 2000 Reviewer: DEBBIE JANTZEN (see more about me)
We ALL have areas in our lives that we need "fixed". This book contains powerful prayers, based on the Binding and Loosing principles taught in the Bible, to teach us to pray in line with God's word, and with the spritual laws of the universe.  This book especially deals with emotional healing. There are seldom overnight miracles, we are healed layer by layer, as knowledge increases. I have bought several copies of this book for friends and family, and bookmarked the prayers.  I do not agree with some of Liberty's theology, but you cannnot deny the results of praying these prayers for yourself and your loved ones. I have gotten results from praying these prayers!

Customer Comments on Producing the Promise

5 out of 5 starsg& from Canada , 23 October, 2000 - Think you might like God, but you hate religion ? Read this!
This book expands more powerfully on her first book. The principles of the freedom in God are showen and the simplicity of relationship with him explained. If you are stuck in you walk, either with God or with out him, read on and find out how to free yourself from the walls you created to protect yourself,but which are now imprisoning you. As a spitirual counsellor I recommend Ms. Savard's books to back up exactly what I am teaching in counselling.

5 out of 5 starsA reader from Michigan , 17 August, 1999
This book puts a wrap on the authors 1st book, it's great
The author's 1st book changed my life...her second book expounded on the first and this her latest book just wraps up everything and ties it all together. It basically is about getting into alignment with God's will and purposes for our lives. I have been a Christian for a long time and struggled for a long time. But with the keys of the kingdom (binding and loosing) which Rev. Savard describes in all 3 of her books, they have changed my life. Something so simple, but yet so profound and they are based on Matthew 16:19.  I think this is a must read for every Christian.

Dynamic audio tapes (11) of LSM Training Center Women's Retreat with speakers Rev. Liberty Savard, Rev. Carolyn Driver, Pastor Diane Gardner, and Marian Johnson $40.00 Read more about them and order here


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